Often industrial and manufacturing materials need to be destroyed before they are thrown away or recycled. The IWS industrial shredder can shred credit cards, gift cards, papers and documents. One retailer utilized the shredder for 18 truckloads of unusable gift cards, ensuring that they were not taken to a landfill where they could be found and used fraudulently.

Another restaurant issues seasonal gift cards, and has IWS shred discontinued designs and those with flaws.

Shredding and Baling Paper

IWS also destroys and recycles brochures, like those for automobile manufacturers who have new product lines replacing the old. One manufacturing client has IWS shred their unusable packaging and boxes, so that they can’t be taken and used by fake products. Boxes and brochures can all be recycled after shredding, as IWS has an industrial baler.

When is Destruction the Best Solution?

When a logo is on the packaging, Destruction is the best solution, so it can’t be reused or repurposed. Another food manufacturer shreds the discontinued bags of their product with IWS. Previously they used a trash and recycling company that shipped their bags whole to China where they were filled with fake product and sold.

Protecting Profits

IWS also shreds clothing, because some lines are very concerned about not cheapening their brands or cannibalizing their own profits. Additionally sometimes corporations with discontinued logos need to dispose of promotional items like shirts and hats. Shredded cotton from clothing can be recycled in mattresses and other applications, but is most often sent to waste-to-energy plants where it is incinerated.

Food Products

IWS also destroys food product when needed, when warehoused food expires or something changes in a product formula. As proof, IWS will either video the food being run over by machine at the landfill or take it to a waste-to-energy plant to be incinerated. This prevents expired food from hitting the marketplace.

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